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Organic Soil Mixes

Organic, nutrient dense foods play an important part of a healthy diet, as they provide the body a variety of essential vitamins and minerals; everything you need to stay optimally nourished is packaged by nature in its lowest possible caloric form! Due to its expensive production process, organic food is often too expensive for the average consumer to fit into their budget. Although less costly to purchase, inorganic food can be flavourless, colourless, and void of vitamins and minerals. Instead of buying overpriced, inferior quality produce from a grocer, many Canadians are now choosing to grow their own agricultural crops for personal use and consumption. At Rooms 2 Grow, we recognize that you and your family’s personal health is important, and helping you be proactive in your preventative health-care practices is a priority for us. As Canada’s premier hydroponic horticultural system specialists, we help people gain control over the types of foods, and other perishable goods, available to them.

Rooms to Grow assists Canadian consumers, and commercial business owners and operators, in lowering their grocery bills, achieving and maintaining good health, and improving their overall quality of life. Based in Southern Ontario, for over 20 years we have been an industry leader in the design and build of turnkey indoor and outdoor grow operations, and a pre-eminent supplier of a variety of organic soil mixes for residential and commercial use. Our indoor grow operations, outdoor grow operations and organic soil mixes provide highly-effective solutions to the problems plaguing many of us today; the high cost and low availability of nutrient-dense, delicious food! Using the most state-of-the-art technologies, each of our hydroponic grow systems are designed to operate as scalable, self-contained, user-friendly, energy-efficient, affordable, environmentally-friendly and easy to maintain units. Our indoor and outdoor grow operations can be used for a variety of purposes, such as the growing of organic...

Rooms 2 Grow's agricultural systems provide climate-controlled, air-tight, odour-proof and sound-proof environments that are free of the damaging effects of mold, pests and other damaging influences. Our contemporary grow systems incorporate monitoring, lighting and controls to provide a self-sustaining hydroponic platform for optimal growth conditions of virtually any family of plant or flower, any type of produce, and any strain of cannabis for the production of medical marijuana. We offer a variety of organic soil mixes such as meals, rock dust, humus and teas to ensure that your crops produce only the highest quality organic products. The numerous indoor grow operation, and outdoor grow operation projects that we have been involved in Canada-wide has gained us a reputation as the most dependable hydroponic agricultural system developer and organic soil mix provider in the industry. We employ only certified and fully-insured tradespeople to assist us in the construction and renovation of outdoor and indoor grow operations.

For clients who wish to legally grow cannabis for the production of medicinal marijuana, Rooms 2 Grow also offers a full range of services to assist them. Home and commercial business owners have peace of mind knowing that their crops are vibrant and secure, within a grow operation that is designed to best meet their unique needs and budget. Rooms 2 Grow's products and services include all aspects of indoor and outdoor agricultural growth and processing, from deciding on the most suitable space for your greenhouse structure, grow room or shipping container, to providing you with a finished hydroponic agricultural system that you are completely satisfied with. Our organic soil mixes, and our indoor grow operations, and outdoor grow operations, along with our ongoing customer support, assists a wide range of clients, regardless of the type of crop they wish to grow. To further explore Rooms 2 Grow's product and service offerings, please browse our website, or get in touch with one of our friendly hydroponic agricultural system experts today!



Using meals are a great way of providing important nutrients such as iron, potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, magnesium and calcium more

Indoor Grow Operations

Under careful supervision, indoor grow conditions need to be exact so as to successfully produce vibrant, high-yield crops. As hydroponic more


When plant and animal matter decays, humus forms in the surrounding soil. Humus is a dark, organic matter that contains many useful more


Sprouted seed teas (SST) are extremely beneficial to the health of plants. These teas are produced from freshly sprouted, fast growing more

Outdoor Grow Operations

Growing healthy outdoor crops can be difficult, especially if conditions are not ideal. In order to produce vibrant, high-yield crops more

Rock Dust

Processed by mechanical or natural means, and consisting of finely crushed rock, rock dusts minerals and trace elements are widely more

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